PHRA Board of Directors* 

  • Carla Hashagen

  • Terry McGuire, President

  • Jacqueline Mohanna, Secretary

  • Steven Pickrell, 2nd Vice-President

  • Greg Scott, Treasurer

  • Lynne Newhouse Segal, 1st Vice-President

  • Kelly Sullivan

Regular meetings of the PHRA Board of Directors are held the first Monday evening of each month at Calvary Presbyterian Church in San Francisco.  Board meetings are not held on holiday weekends or in the absence of a quorum. 

*PHRA is actively seeking new Board members, particularly a “Communications” chairperson to lead our outreach through social media, website maintenance, and online newsletter.  Please contact PHRA at to learn more.

PHRA Advisory Council

  • Ian Berke

  • Daniela Kirshenbaum

  • Richard Lee

  • Charlotte Maeck

  • Macy McCallister

  • Alice Piccus

  • Thomas Reynolds

  • Paul Wermer

  • Hennie Wisniewski